British Veterans ARMA Regiment

I. Follow your common sense
- In a way, that first rule should cover every aspect of the team. "Common sense" is something we all learn as we continuesly grow up, completely unintentionally, and yet it provides us with our best qualities as human beings and gamers. Use it every time. 

II. Be outspoken
- "Opinions are like asses - everyone has one". Don't be affraid to show us yours. Opinion that is. It makes the whole idea of BVAR, a lot easier for everyone around you in this team, if they know what's on your mind. Opinions matters to us and we value them. Even if they're personal and not that nice.

III. Act your age
- Age doesn't always means wisdom, but even when we're having fun and playing games together - act your age. You might get into a heated argument over a stolen kill or being bumped off the road - let it slide. Argueing over the internet about a game situation is just something that your real life friends would laugh at you. Don't make a fun-stock out of yourself.

IV. Clean language
- We might be all adults and we might not be a monastery, but that doesn't means that we enjoy sexual, profane and explicit comments on the regular basis. We don't mind the occassional "Fxxk" or "Sxxt", as we do understand that we're playing games and competing in them after all, but don't go over the board or you'll loose our hospitality.

V. Respect
- No one wants you to bow infront of him, since there are no leaders in this team, so all we ask for, is to treat everyone in BVAR as they are all leaders. Because this team is made up by individuals, who all bring something to the team and we all value this. So should you.

VI. No cheating
- Needs no explaining.


 These are the rules when posting in the forums


1. Please do not post off topic on the forums this is hijacking and is not permitted.

2. Flaming on the forums will be deemed inappropriate by the site admins, so if someone has complaints about your thread, it will be removed from the main section and put into a Admin Only Section for the Main Admins to view and to take action if needed. 

3. Torrent talk will be automatically deleted by any Web Admin and a post with a link to the rules, by the Admin who deleted the post. 

4. Yes we are an over 18's Gaming Clan. Swearing is not permitted on this site! If you can not come up with anything better than swearing, Please check a dictionary, there are plenty of others for you to use. You will then be warned and possible removal from the site may occur. Check individual forum rules before posting.

5. Attacks on ANY Users or Visitors to the site will not be tolerated at any time! If you find something you need to shout about, go directly to an Admin or Leaders and bring your issues to them. 

6. Absolutely no racial slurs to be used and will result in immediate ban.

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